the search for truth

let’s say you found the truth.

how would you recognize it?

what would it look like?

what could it look like?

what must it look like?

could it be expressed as a sentence?  surely not?

in which language?

but how else could you know it?

can we know anything apart from strings of words?

could it be written on paper?  metal?  a stone?  the air?

would everyone else agree with you?  that you had found “it”?

otherwise how would you be sure you found it?

would you be happy to find it?

could there be more than one truth?

could the truth be different for each person?

would the truth be simple?

or complicated?

perhaps too complicated to understand?

could it be, in truth, that the truth is too complicated

for anything smaller than the entire universe

to completely know?

then everything we know,

everything we say or write down,

on paper, foil, silicon, carbon, light, sound,

is, and can only ever be, an approximation?


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