dave’s cv/resumé

Curriculum Vitae / Resumé

David S. Miller
Auckland, New Zealand


To promote the study and application of science among youth.

Current Projects

I am developing a theory of gravity and a fundamental particle model that may be applicable at all scales. The theory explains how wave-particle duality arises necessarily from every observation. The theory is based on a singular physical insight that is as profound today as Nicolaus Copernicus’s heliocentric model was in 1543.
I am preparing and presenting a series of talks to students, on Science and the Wider World.
I am promoting the establishment of a Science Discovery Center in Auckland.
I am promoting the establishment of a local community web site to facilitate community self-governance.


25 years engineering experience. Emphasis in embedded systems, digital communications systems design. Expert knowledge of terrestrial and space-based wireless digital communications systems.
10 years private theoretical research in linguistics, formal languages, algebra. Expert knowledge of formal language, category and group theories.

Career Highlights

2004 to date: Private research, community service, Auckland NZ
Founding coach, Devonport Primary School Chess Club
Waterwise instructor
2003 – 2004: FRST TechNZ TIF Expert at Navman Inc., Auckland, NZ
Research, advanced vehicle navigation systems
1991 – 2002: Principal Engineer, QUALCOMM Inc., San Diego, CA
Research and Development, CDMA mobile cellular systems
Earth station architect, system specialist, Globalstar satellite-born mobile cellular system
New technology and business development
1989 – 1991: Senior Engineer, Gulbransen Inc., San Diego, CA
Research, player-piano technology
1988 – 1989: Personal development, community service, San Diego, CA
Volunteer live sound stage engineer
Broadcast radio show editor/technician
Software developer
Teen expedition group leader
1986 – 1987: Senior Engineer, RJS Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Research and development, embedded microprocessor systems
1980 – 1986: Independent engineering consultant, Cape Town, South Africa
Architect, air navigation training simulator system
Developer and consultant, Forth language systems and applications
Founding leader, Forth Interest Group (FIG)
Consultant, synthetic fibre production process control systems
Software developer, medical practice management, heart monitoring systems, networking and more
1978 – 1980: Embedded Systems Engineer, Diel Electronics (Pty) Ltd., Cape Town
Research and development, embedded microprocessor systems
1976 – 1977 (18 months compulsory service): Sub Lieutenant, South African Navy Submarine Training Centre, Simonstown Naval Base.
System administration, submarine training simulators
1976 (6 months): Process Control Systems Engineer, Consolidated Diamond Mines, Oranjemund, Namibia
System administration, mine production process control systems


University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1975, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) with First Class Honours, Majors: Physics and Applied Mathematics; Major Topics: Cosmology (under George Ellis), Stability Theory, Computer Technology.


Diversity in the Globalstar System. David S Miller, Julian Nicolas and Leonard Schiff, Information Theory Conference, Haifa Israel, June 1996.



Father of two (boy, girl, 1994/5), follower of wisdom, passionately curious.

10 May 2010

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