This is the next in a series of experimental attempts to make contact with intelligent life on Earth

I post here infrequently, preferring to work on more persistent pages

most of which are not yet listed

I post much more frequently on Google Buzz

You can reach me most easily by leaving a comment

Prior experiments include:

  • VolcanOil, in which I document some of the emergency surgery under the Gulf of Mexico
  • I believe, in which I dump a tiny portion of each brain
  • Others not worthy of too numerous to mention

Non-prior experiments might include, without limitation, neither with promise:

  • Some music
  • Some dynamic graphic illustrations
  • A novel theory of gravity, of particles and of the æther
  • Nothing that will prevent the land from sinking
  • The flip side, the other side of whatever you’re thinking
  • Encoding meaning
  • Escape from WordPress and all her kin
  • The State of Earth
  • A Global School Curriculum
  • Diversity
  • Necessary evil
  • Generally accepted fallacy
  • This is not a finite linear series

If you’re working on any of these topics, I would love to hear from you.


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