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About six years ago (around 2004) I talked about one day having a machine that, given a recipe, could produce any kind of meal, and that the food markets would morph into markets in raw materials and in software recipes.

Well now there’s a serious proposal for version 1.0 of such a device. Not yet my complete vision but definitely the next step towards it.

In later versions, the raw materials will be simple molecules, like water and amino acids. Perhaps later, individual atoms, mainly carbon. The device will extract some raw materials, like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, from the atmosphere.

It will be like a microwave, except you insert an empty plate, select a recipe (for which you pay per use, if the marketers get their way), and in a few minutes you have your meal. Optionally produce the plate as well.

It will also be like a printer, in that you will have to replace the cartridge(s) from time to time. So the device itself will be sold for almost nothing, as a loss leader.  The money will come from the raw materials and from the software recipes.

And the next next step?


Why wash, when you can reprint?

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