Kidz! They’re our only hope…

as I write this

the tears flow


the sobbing has subsided

Yes, there is a movement afoot

A movement to build up and to engage with our youth

Sunday 13 June 2010

began a particular important

24-hour event, the

Global Enterprise Challenge

At precisely 9:00 pm (NZ time),

synchronously (all at the same time),

over the Internet

direct from bali, indonesia

100’s of 16/17-year-old high school students,

from 14 different countries,

in teams of 8 plus a mentor/sponsor,

received this mission:

The GEC 2010 Challenge

It is two decades from now and the world is a very different place from the one we inhabit today.

Your Challenge today is:
“To produce a working model of an innovative game for a family of four (2 adults + 2 children aged 8-12) that addresses the issues and challenges facing the world in 2030.”

Each team was given no more than 24 hours to respond by uploading a video lasting no more than 3 minutes with no more than 4 slides.

Each team was also required to submit a complete written business plan on no more than two pages.

now then…

Your Mission:

  • Watch the winning entry (3 minutes)
  • Watch some of the other ideas
  • Watch the TED talk
  • Tell it to someone you care about
  • Make sure you do something like this in your region
  • Get behind the kidz! or gtf out of the way

Kidz! They’re our only hope!

i feel much better now, thank you

at least i did, until i watched another talk

i don’t know why, but watching these kidz makes me weep…

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