Waking up is hard to do

I had a dream about a dream about a dream this afternoon. I try to always take a nap in the afternoon, just like they taught me in kindergarten. I recommend it to everyone.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that God spoke to me in my dream. This dream was inspired by the movie Inception, which I watched yesterday.

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Once I caught two fish alive

John Dory & Co.

On Saturday my friend Harry took me out fishing on his little 20-foot sloop.

It’s winter time here in New Zealand — not the best time for fishing the Hauraki Gulf. The weather can be foul, the water is cold, which means the fish are not that hungry, and most of them have moved away from the sheltered waters around Auckland.

Today was scheduled to be different, at least in terms of the weather. For a change, we’d be sitting under one of those big fat high’s that come swirling off the hot-plate they call Australia. At least until late afternoon, when the high would say goodbye, we’d have a cloudless, calm day.

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Copyright Food

About six years ago (around 2004) I talked about one day having a machine that, given a recipe, could produce any kind of meal, and that the food markets would morph into markets in raw materials and in software recipes.

Well now there’s a serious proposal for version 1.0 of such a device. Not yet my complete vision but definitely the next step towards it.

In later versions, the raw materials will be simple molecules, like water and amino acids. Perhaps later, individual atoms, mainly carbon. The device will extract some raw materials, like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, from the atmosphere.

It will be like a microwave, except you insert an empty plate, select a recipe (for which you pay per use, if the marketers get their way), and in a few minutes you have your meal. Optionally produce the plate as well.

It will also be like a printer, in that you will have to replace the cartridge(s) from time to time. So the device itself will be sold for almost nothing, as a loss leader.  The money will come from the raw materials and from the software recipes.

And the next next step?


Why wash, when you can reprint?

Back in the Bar with Steve Jobs

In my earlier post, I speculated on the iPhone software change that Apple would make in response to “antennagate”.

I suggested that, with the new formula, bars would be assigned linearly across the full range of signal strength, from what I called zero, where a connection could not be established and maintained, up to some maximum.

With the new software now released, and after independent analysis, we are able to check my prediction.

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Untangling the iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

It’s now well known that Apple’s new iPhone 4 has a serious antenna problem.

The underlying engineering issues have been well covered, for example herehere and here.

At first Apple said “Don’t hold it that way”.  That didn’t go down too well.

Now Apple have released a carefully worded statement, which you can read here.

We dismantle Apple’s statement to see what we might read between the lines.

What we know

Reception on every phone gets worse when you hold it.

Reception on iPhone 4 gets much worse when you hold it the “wrong” way.

Unheld, iPhone 4’s antenna performance is exquisite, perhaps the current best-in-class.

We also know that the number of bars shown on any iPhone is generally a bit more optimistic than on other phones — but that is not the issue here.  The differences are tiny.  This, as we will see, is a distraction.

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Kidz! They’re our only hope…

as I write this

the tears flow


the sobbing has subsided

Yes, there is a movement afoot

A movement to build up and to engage with our youth

Sunday 13 June 2010

began a particular important

24-hour event, the

Global Enterprise Challenge

At precisely 9:00 pm (NZ time),

synchronously (all at the same time),

over the Internet

direct from bali, indonesia

100’s of 16/17-year-old high school students,

from 14 different countries,

in teams of 8 plus a mentor/sponsor,

received this mission:

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US vs NZ

I’ve been asked to write about

how life in NZ compares

with life in the USA.


Because I claim the differences are hugely important!

They explain

at least in part

WARNING:  here comes that darn conceptual leap again

much of your (usans) suffering

What suffering?!

Ok, next question …

In NZ:

  • Prostitution is legal and regulated
    • no comment
    • we just need to get that one out the way right from the start
  • Children talk to adults and vice versa
    • after all, they’re just little people, aren’t they?
    • the dividing line is imaginary
    • curiously, some visitors think NZ kids are cheeky
  • Strangers talk to one another
    • except for some tourists
    • on the street, in the supermarket, we interact
      • even kidz, who thus learn to trust their instincts
  • Kids prefer bare feet
    • even though everyone has shoes
    • even when its cold, dark, rainy
      • i saw at least three on my walk last night

(to be continued)

conversation with myself

ok, i won’t give up

i’m not going to sit in the corner and not not not make a noise

not hide

make sure no-one sees me us we

us you we me the it not

lay low, stay cool, don’t hurt anybody



pretty please?

what dave’s been up to?

(not fishing)

I’ve been writing, experimenting with blogs.

This is the latest of several quite unsatisfactory attempts.

why so miserable?

i’ll have to blog about that, i suppose.

  • it’s hard!
  • not as interactive as buzz
  • the graphics tools are still infantile!
    • i prefer my whiteboard
      • but making a good video is ominously hard too!
  • maybe i need an iPad
  • maybe i need an iMac
  • maybe i need to ask for help?

maybe i should go play my guitar

what potus told the usans

on tuesday 15 June 2010 potus delivered
a speech from the oval office
what potus said:
  • we’re having a real tough time, aren’t we?
    • if you thought the darn recession was bad
    • if you though al qaeda was bad
  • sorry about all the oil, it was all a big mistake
  • but don’t worry!  I have a 3-point plan!
    1. make the environment whole
    2. make the people whole
    3. make it never happens again yeah right, superman!
  • BP will have to pay
  • and 5 important people!
    • Dr. Steven Chu in charge of the hole
    • Admiral Thad Allen in charge of cleanup
    • Ray Mabus to develop a long term plan
    • Ken Salazar just so you remember his name
    • Michael Bromwich to be the oil industry watchdog
  • and we must stop using fossil fuels, ok?
    • well, at least we must start talking about it, ok?
  • oh, yeah, and God Bless et cetera

what potus said, but hopes you missed:

  • the worst is yet to come

what potus did not say:

  • we’re gonna get those criminals
  • we’re gonna stop deepwater offshore drilling forever
  • the $20 Billion is really only $5 Billion a year over 4 years
  • that’s about 3 months profit for BP
  • that’s barely enough to pay for 3 months of cleanup
  • sorry about the stupid booming hoax
  • the barrier island thing is a hoax too
  • we’ve had 2 Million barrels so far, expect from 10 to 50 more
here followeth most of the text with embedded interpretation